Use Zinc Anode to Prevent Corrosion in Vessels

Published: 24th July 2008
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Vessels and boats, both recreational and commercial, face the problem of corrosion under all circumstances. Metal parts such as rudders, shafts and propellers face the danger of corrosion under water. It is important, therefore, to use the correct anode to prevent corrosion. Zinc anodes, aluminum anodes and magnesium anodes are useful to prevent corrosion under specific circumstances. This process of protecting the vessel from corrosion is called cathodic protection. It is an electrochemical process in which an electrochemical cell more powerful than the corrosion cell is superimposed through the use of sacrificial anodes.

Anodes that are most used are zinc anodes, aluminum anodes, and magnesium anodes. They can be generally called boat zincs and marine anodes. Zinc anodes are small pieces of zinc that are attached to metal boats. They are used to prevent corrosion when the vessel is in contact with saltwater. Similarly, aluminum anodes are useful in brackish water while magnesium anodes are fitted to fight corrosion in freshwater. The vessel owners, therefore, have to keep track of the areas that the vessel traverses in order to fit the right anode so that corrosion and the possible consequences can be avoided. For example, vessels that move between salt water and fresh water on a regular basis need to be fitted with both zinc anodes and magnesium anodes.

A company that specializes in providing the right anode is Sea Shield Marine which has a long and successful history in providing the right solution to corrosion. The company uses the highest grade of zinc and aluminum materials to provide anodes that can ensure cathodic protection under all circumstances.

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